PQBON Heavy Industries is a consortium of heavy equipment suppliers. PQBON Heavy Industries is head quartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, PQBON Heavy Industries serves customer nation wide. We pride ourselves on thinking of the customer as family.


Pqbon Heavy Industries was founded in May of 1995. Since then Pqbon has provided corporate IT resources and workforce, hardware software partition research, web software development and design, motorcycle maintenance and testing, ski instruction and patrol, call center based technical support, field operating system troubleshooting, operating system development, firmware development, and microprocessor technology enabling. In May of 2005 Pqbon Heavy Industries acquired a small company specializing in medical office administration, domestic violence counseling, insurance claims management, physician assistance, and child rearing. We at Pqbon Heavy Industries think this merger was the best thing for both companies. The two companies have done much in the way of knowledge and resource sharing which has lead to increased efficiencies for both organizations.

 Pqbon Heavy Industries started funding a small but growing startup in January of 2006. The startup is growing and developing nicely but is currently operating in stealth mode. It will likely be many years while technology is incubated and research is played out before the Pqbon Heavy Industries startup is ready to come out of stealth mode and deliver an actual product to the world.
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